Our ministries are meant to serve you while we serve God. Everything we do at New Ground Church is geared around the Word of God, Fellowship, Worship, and the Holy Spirit. Though the ministries themselves might be specifically targeted, they all still should carry the same underlying DNA.

God wants us to keep the major things major, and the minor things minor. There are foundational principals and then there are decorative methodologies. It is our hope that we never waver from the absolutes of God’s commandments but yet we remain flexible to the things God has given us liberty to explore through the leading of His Holy Spirit in our church.

Make yourself at home here at New Ground Church. In any relationship there are give and takes. We give, you receive. You give, we receive. When we serve in harmony like that, God is glorified in the unity of the body of Christ. The world will look on and see our love for one another and will thirst for God and His Son Jesus Christ. Let’s make Him famous as we serve together. Feel free to browse the ministry tabs above. We look forward to serving with you!